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Acupuncture in Tunbridge Wells


Booking a treatment

Many of the common acupuncture points are found on the lower arms, and lower legs, so it is useful to wear loose clothing if possible. The initial consultation and treatment will take approximately 1hr 15 mins, all treatments thereafter will take 45 mins. The initial consultation will involve taking your full medical history, including past and present complaints and any medication that you are currently taking. Each treatment will involve asking general questions about your sleep, digestion, emotional wellbeing, and menstrual cycle for women. It will also involve taking your pulses, looking at your tongue and palpating any specific areas of pain or discomfort as part of the Chinese medicine body diagnosis. All of these components will be factored in, in order to create an individualised treatment plan that is tailored to you. The needles usually need to be in for 20 minutes.

What to expect

Ideally you will have eaten your last meal about 2 hours prior to the treatment. It is not advisable to have acupuncture if you are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

Before treatment

Number of treatments required

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Acupuncture is not an exact science, and therefore each case is different and will depend on your individual condition. You will be given an idea of the number of treatments and frequency of treatments that will be needed after the first consultation and treatment. (Generally you will normally feel the effects within the first 5 treatments, however sometimes only 1 or 2 treatments are necessary.) Generally speaking, more acute and recent symptoms require fewer treatments than long standing chronic symptoms.

Once patients are relieved of their symptoms, they often chose to have acupuncture seasonally as a form of preventative treatment.  

After treatment

Directly after the treatment you may feel quite relaxed, or revitalised so it would be ideal if you could enjoy the effects of the treatment and give yourself time to rest. It is advised not to undertake strenuous exercise or consume alcohol after acupuncture. It is common to sleep well the night after having a treatment. It often takes a few days for the effects of the treatment to be fully felt, so it is important to be aware of your body and any changes that you may experience.

Additional facets of treatment

The following treatments are commonly used in conjunction with acupuncture:


Moxa- is a herb that is heated and is sometimes used in addition to needles during the treatment. It provides a warming sensation in the body.


Massage- can be used in conjunction to acupuncture when it helps to treat the condition.


Cupping- is another technique that can be used to help to treat acute symptoms of cold/flu, or for musculo-skeletal problems.


Auricular acupuncture- involves the use of a small plaster which contains a tiny pellet. The plaster is placed on a specific acupuncture point on your ear. These plasters are often left on for 4-5 days or until the plaster naturally comes off.


Facial acupuncture- can be used as part of a normal treatment, or can be used specifically to reduce the signs of aging. Smaller needles are used, and are placed in specific points on the face.


Facial massage- is often used for cosmetic reasons, but can also be used to help to reduce tension that can accumulate in the neck, jaw and temples.









Your health and wellbeing is the primary intention behind every treatment. If it is deemed necessary, you will be referred to your local GP for any suspected conditions that require immediate attention.


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