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This is easy to say but can actually be quite hard to achieve as we normally have the same responsibilities and pressures year round. However if we stay in sync with the seasons we are less likely to become unwell. Read the short paragraphs to give you an idea of what each season represents so that you can start to implement small but effective changes that may go a long way to maintaining a good balance for your body and mind.


Spring- This is the time for increased energy, new starts, a reawakening etc. This season takes us out of hibernation mode and enables us to have a more outward look on life and our surroundings. It is a time of flexible growth, and a renewed freedom after the winter months. You notice life re-emerging in our environment and in ourselves.  


Summer- This season represents the peak of our outward energy, we will not need to sleep as much during this period, and we can use more energy. This is an appropriate time to be more sociable, and active outside. Exercise/movement of the body is key during this season. This season represents the realisation of plans/dreams that were incubating during the winter, and developing during the spring.


Autumn- This season is about reflecting on what has been, and separating things that we need from the things that we don’t need. Like the trees that you see shedding their leaves, we too should start to consolidate our energy. This season represents the change from an outward looking energy to more of an inward one. We will need to increase the number of hours we sleep and rest more. Exercise should become less intensive, and activity outside will decrease. It is important to wrap up to protect yourself from the changing climate.


Winter- This is the time for hibernation. We will not be exerting too much energy in this period, but instead nourishing our body and mind in preparation for the spring time. This meditative period is often were the seed of ideas are born.  

Follow the seasons


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The power of meditation

Meditation helps to clear and centre the mind from the everyday thoughts and worries that are constantly going on in our heads. It has a very calming effect on the body and mind, often reducing blood pressure and leaving you feeling more relaxed, with a clear head ready to meet whatever the day brings your way.


You will benefit most from meditation if you are able to incorporate it into your daily routine. In this regard it is somewhat of a commitment, but it is well worth it when you start to feel the benefits of it.


If you are new to the idea of meditation, and you would like some help with developing the routine, I would recommend this website:

It is an introduction to guided meditation that has a 10 day step by step plan taking 10 minutes of your time each day. This will give you a feel for meditation, and then you can decide whether it is something that you want to pursue.