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I was in constant pain in my shoulder before I first went to see Rachel. I had been to the Doctor, but continued to suffer. It kept me awake at night, and dramatically reduced what I was able to do during the day. After the first treatment with Rachel my pain went from a 9/10 to a 3/10. Instead of a sharp pain, it turned into a dull ache. I had one more treatment with her a week later, which has left me feeling on form again. Dave 2019


I started seeing Rachel when I was 30 weeks pregnant because I was having difficulty sleeping, and was feeling uncomfortable and anxious. She made me feel at ease straight away, and the sessions worked like a dream which meant that I could enjoy the last few weeks of the pregnancy. Rachel also treated me to help prepare me for labour, which I think was a big part of why my labour and the birth ran smoothly. I've since been back to see her since having my son for treatments which have been a welcome piece of me time, and I think has helped me to recover quickly. I would recommend acupuncture to any pregnant lady, and would really recommend Rachel for her warmth, skill and understanding.

Kelly 2018


Reliable, honest and professional. I've seen other acupuncturists in the past all with their own styles, but I have to say Rachel just understands me, and each month gives my body the boost it needs.



I have been seeing Rachel on and off for the past 3 years for various things. She helped me with my restless legs, my insomnia and anxiety. However, the most incredible experience I had with acupuncture was in the last 2 weeks. I was 35 weeks pregnant and found out that my baby was breech, I certainly hadn't planned for that and had visions of having to have a c-section. My midwife had told me that it was worth trying acupuncture so I got back in touch with Rachel, I had 2 sessions with her, and she gave me a moxa stick to use at home everyday for 10 days. On the 8th day I literally felt the baby shift, and sure enough when I had my scan it was head down! I am immensley grateful, and ready for a natural birth, thanks Rachel.



I suffer from osteoarthritis in my hands and feet, plus various other age-related aches and pains, but pain-killers don't help, so I took up a friend's suggestion to try acupuncture. It was my great good fortune to come across Rachel, as her sunny nature and caring disposition make every visit a pleasure, to which the treatment is an added bonus. I find my sessions with Rachel very relaxing and enjoyable, and in the following days the relief of my symptoms and my general well-being increase with each treatment. And it's reassuring to know I can have a 'top-up' whenever I need it.



After a tough 9 months of pregnancy related complications it was suggested that I tried Accupuncture. With this advice & a bit of research I found Rachel. I have been having regular treatments & have found them immensely beneficial. My hormone levels have returned to normal & my health & well being has been completely transformed. Everything is looking much brighter for the future.



"I originally went to Rachel for facial acupuncture…but got a lot more out of the treatment than that…

As Rachel explained during a thorough initial consultation, everything is connected, and you will be treated as a 'whole person' not just a set of symptoms. Treating one 'problem' often favourably impacts another, be it physical or emotional, so the benefits were far more than I'd expected.

Over the course of about 5 treatments so far, I've felt myself subtly 'rebalancing', physically and emotionally..its hard to explain but theres no mistake that it's happening! As for my skin, it's changed in ways I hadn't foreseen…it's softer, calmer and clearer for a start…and this is coming from someone who has had almost every skin complaint you can imagine (and impossibly sensitive skin too) There was a time I couldn't have even imagined an improvement.

The treatment itself is probably as relaxing as it gets…the needles are nothing to worry about, it's easy to forget they're there as you drift away into a beautiful oblivion of relaxation (Rachel is also qualified in facial massage which is out of this world!)

Rachel is a wonderful find.. She is such a lovely, warm person, I promise you will feel instantly at ease…and it's clear from the start that she not only seriously knows her stuff, but is also in possession of a brilliant intuition. I absolutely recommend her...You'll count your blessings!"

Claire Marie


I'd always been very sceptical about acupuncture, it's not something I would have considered and even when I did I was very nervous about the whole idea, to be honest. However, nothing my doctor had prescribed or suggested was having any real helpful effect and my quality of life was so compromised, I started looking into it.

As soon as I called Rachel for the free initial consultation, I knew that I had found someone who would listen, care and go the extra mile to look after me. When I turned up for my first session, she was well informed ( had clearly done her homework) but was much more interested in how I was experiencing the symptoms, meaning that her treatment was personal and I felt very different from just a patient with a 'condition.' After the first session, I experienced some relief and very quickly things got better and better.  I was never expecting a complete cure but to have arrived at a place where I can manage my symptoms is more than I could have hoped for. Thank you!



Excellent. Friendly and knowledgeable, comfortable setting and I felt great after the treatment.

Fabrice L age 30


I have had treatments from Rachel for a number of different ailments, from helping my Asthma and hay fever, general aches, pains and old sports injuries and to help recover from minor surgery. I have been extremely pleased with the results and have seen improvement in all areas. Due to holistic approach to treatment I have also noticed an improvement in general heath, a feeling of wellbeing and increased energy levels. I highly recommend anyone to have acupuncture treatments from Rachel as you will be pleasantly surprised at what she can do to help you. I will definitely continue to see Rachel for on-going treatments. TWQS


I initially used the clinic to help reduce the pain I have most of the time in my neck and shoulders. I am glad to say that after several treatments this is much improved. However, much to my surprise my health generally has improved and I have had no colds this winter. I mentioned this to Rachel and she told me that she had also been working to boost my immune system! The sessions are relaxing and professional. I will continue to use the clinic on a monthly basis



Such a warm and relaxing welcoming. Treatment was one of the best I have had and very affordable! Would highly recommend!

Naomi  age 28